Services and reporting to support your HEDIS and Five-Star quality initiatives


QSight, PopHealthCare’s comprehensive HEDIS® solution, provides the data needed to improve member health and reported quality scores. This full-service, certified solution simplifies annual regulatory HEDIS reporting, by unifying all reporting tasks including administrative reporting, chart retrieval and abstraction, and final reporting to NCQA and CMS.



Retrospective HEDIS

Annual Reporting

  • End-to-end certified solution includes:
    • Administrative reporting
      • End-to-end certified solution: Our hosted, service bureau solution provides administrative reporting, chart retrieval and abstraction, through reporting to NCQA and CMS
      • Easy data integration allows for comprehensive reporting that captures all sources impacting reported rates
      • Our processing engine dynamically provides real-time reporting for constant insight into the project status
      • Rate summaries and comprehensive member and provider detailed results provide drill-down analytics with actionable data
      • Our expert HEDIS team resources dedicated to managing the overall HEDIS reporting project
    • Chart retrieval and abstraction
      • Transparency assures that plans maintain complete oversight of project milestones
      • Project tracking, reporting, and hybrid rate summaries provide real-time compliance status
      • Our qualified staff provide chart retrieval and abstractions, project management, customer care, and complete data quality oversight
      • HEDIS chart review coordinated with our Risk Adjustment chart review to realize operational synergies
    • Final reporting to NCQA and CMS
  • Real-time reporting of detailed results providing drilldown analytics with actionable data
  • Dedicated expert HEDIS team dedicated to HEDIS reporting project

Prospective HEDIS

Identify Care Gaps & Improve Rates

  • Year-round prospective HEDIS reporting identifies gaps in care and supports prioritization of quality improvement interventions
  • Root analysis of member care gaps and best intervention approaches
  • Targeted measure selection
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of program success
  • Coordination of data sources to identify and drive member/provider interventions

Standardized supplemental data sets for next year’s HEDIS reporting 


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